Case Study

MY-CREF (MC) has chosen Kampung Sungai Suloh, Johor as the case study. Kampung Sg. Suloh (Kg. Sg. Suloh) is situated in Batu Pahat District, State of Johor in Malaysia and about 3km from coastline which engaged actively with water tide. It has 1,700 residents, about 220 households in 5,994 acreages of the area.

In 2010, the event of heavy rain has resulted from flash flood in Sg. Suloh and 29 families evacuated to flood evacuation centre. According to Utusan Online (2010), heavy rains coupled with high tide and irrigation problem are the main reasons contributing to flash flood. Recently in September 2018, Kg Sg. Suloh once again hit by flash flood and 108 people were evacuated to relief and evacuation centre, the flash flood resulted from heavy rain and high tide (Kosmo Online, 2018).

According to the report by Department of Irrigation Drainage report in 2012, main issues and problems around Kg. Sg. Suloh is:

  • Suloh could not afford to accommodate with high capacity of water coming from the high ground during heavy rain and resulted from the flash flood;
  • Rapid development in the upstream area;
  • Rubbish pile up during heavy rain and blocked main; and
  • Sandy soil has made dredging work an easy work but sand deposited easily during rain.